Just a month until State!

The Tahoma Bears have had a great season thus far. Soon we will be making the push towards the State Tournament! We first want to say thank you to all of our parents and fans for their support, we love seeing the stands full of Tahoma Wrestling fans wherever we are competing.

Long Time Bear Supporters and Fathers of Two Tahoma State Champions - Kevin Bayer and Randy Lamb

Long Time Bear Supporters and Fathers of Two Tahoma State Champions - Kevin Bayer and Randy Lamb

Our team has been competing well over the past three weeks and our team is primed to have a great post season. This past weekend the Varsity team headed to Lake Stevens for the Viking Invite and competed with some of the top 3A and 4A teams in the state. We crowned champions at 138 with Steele Starren defeating a returning State Champion from Camas and at 182 with Michael Gasper also defeating a two-time State Finalist from White River. Gage Dress-Moran also made the finals but came up short against the returning 3A State Champion. Both Austin Michalski (132) and Levi Kovacs (220) had great performances and placed 3rd. Devin Martin (126) had his best tournament of the year finishing 5th in a very competitive bracket.

This week, the Bears will wrestle in a triple dual tomorrow night (1/16/2019) at Mt. Rainier High School. The team will compete against Mt. Rainier, Kennedy Catholic and Hazen.

This weekend the team will head over the pass to Spokane for Dream Duals, held at the Spokane Convention Center. Details for this tournament can be found at http://www.winterwarriorwrestling.com/

2019 Gut Check

2019 Gut Check

Doug Burnham
Welcome Home Joey Palmer!!!

Tahoma Wrestling is excited to announce a major addition to our Coaching Staff!  Next season, former Tahoma State Champion and Oregon State University starter, Joey Palmer, will return home to the Bears as an Assistant Coach and teacher at Tahoma High School. "We are very excited for what Joey will bring to our practice room," said Coach Feist.  "With Coach Palmer and Coach Evans... we now have two of the best young coaches in our state working with our kids. I couldn't be more excited for the future of our program." 

Coach Palmer - 2012 Tahoma State Champion

Coach Palmer - 2012 Tahoma State Champion

Doug Burnham
Decade of League Dominance

For the 10th consecutive year, the Tahoma Bears Wrestling Team are League Champions! During that time, the Bears have not lost a single league dual. Last night, the Bears took down the Kentwood Conquerors by a score of 55-3 on senior night. The last time Tahoma lost was during the 2006-2007 season when the Bears finished in 2nd place.


This year’s league dual team scores:

Tahoma 71 – Kent Meridian 3

Tahoma 74 – Kentlake 0

Tahoma 77 – Mt. Rainier 0

Tahoma 51 – Kentridge 21

Tahoma 72 – Kennedy Catholic 12

Tahoma 65 – Hazen 6

Tahoma 55 – Kentwood 3


We want to thank all of our fans for their many years of support to our program. The varsity will next be prepping for the league tournament on the road to state. #GoBears

Doug Burnham
Tri-State and Barry Knot Classic Results

ongratulations to the Bears for having a strong showing at the annual Tri-State tournament at North Idaho College this past weekend. The team place 17 out of 67 teams from all over the Northwest.




Kione Gill was the 220 pound champion going 5-0 on the weekend. Gill had a dominant performance with four pins and one technical fall (15-0). Kione has improved to 12-0 on the season and is the number 1 ranked 220lb wrestler in the state in all classifications.

Gunner “Gun Show” Starren was the iron man of the week by going 8-2 at the tournament and placing 4th overall at 160 pounds. Gunner lost in the second round to the eventual tournament champion, but wrestled tough in the backdoor showing toughness and grit as he fought his way to the podium.

Our Junior Varsity team competed in the he Barry Knot Varsity tournament at Nathan Hale High School. The JV had a great showing and placed fourth behind the strength of freshman Levi Kovacs, the tournament 182 pound champion.

Next up for the Bears is "The Who’s #1 duals" the Battle of the Bone and All State All Star dual at THS on 12-27. Our boys have a solid week of practice Monday through Saturday this upcoming week to prepare for their upcoming duals and also to make preparations for a postseason push to win the district dual meet tournament for the 10th consecutive year.

Barry Knot Classic

Freshman Levi Kovacs - 182 Pound Champion

Freshman Levi Kovacs - 182 Pound Champion

Team 4th place

Individual Placers:

113- Andrew Asch 5th

120- Adrian Enciso 3rd

138- Rylan Korpi 4th

145- Danny Reive 5th

152- Carter Boynton 3rd

182- Levi Kovacs 1st

285- JP Phelps 4th

Tri State:


Brayden Swank (4-8) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Isaiah Bodhaine (Orting) 8-7 won by fall over Brayden Swank (Tahoma) 4-8 (Fall 0:42)

• Cons. Round 1 - Brayden Swank (Tahoma) 4-8 received a bye () (Bye)

• Cons. Round 2 - Josiah Barrera (Othello) 7-4 won by fall over Brayden Swank (Tahoma) 4-8 (Fall 2:35)


Parker Boynton (4-8) place is unknown and scored 1.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Parker Boynton (Tahoma) 4-8 received a bye () (Bye)

• Champ. Round 2 - Sam Edelblute (Lakeland High School) 9-3 won by fall over Parker Boynton (Tahoma) 4-8 (Fall 1:23)

• Cons. Round 2 - Parker Boynton (Tahoma) 4-8 won by decision over Owen Hemphill (Lewiston High School) 0-2 (Dec 4-2)

• Cons. Round 3 - Justyce Acosta (Jenkins High School (Chewelah)) 9-5 won by major decision over Parker Boynton (Tahoma) 4-8 (MD 10-0)


Austin Michalski (11-3) place is unknown and scored 7.50 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Austin Michalski (Tahoma) 11-3 received a bye () (Bye)

• Champ. Round 2 - Austin Michalski (Tahoma) 11-3 won by tech fall over Josh Anastasi (Ferris) 3-2 (TF-1.5 5:28 (19-4))

• Champ. Round 3 - Austin Michalski (Tahoma) 11-3 won by decision over Chris Rivera (Tonasket) 2-2 (Dec 7-4)

• Quarterfinal - Ridge Lovett (Post Falls) 13-0 won by major decision over Austin Michalski (Tahoma) 11-3 (MD 11-2)

• Cons. Round 6 - Jack Latimer (Camas) 14-5 won by fall over Austin Michalski (Tahoma) 11-3 (Fall 1:57)


Steele Starren (11-2) place is unknown and scored 2.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Steele Starren (Tahoma) 11-2 received a bye () (Bye)

• Champ. Round 2 - Tanner Craig (Camas) 14-1 won by fall over Steele Starren (Tahoma) 11-2 (Fall 3:34)

• Cons. Round 2 - Steele Starren (Tahoma) 11-2 received a bye () (Bye)

• Cons. Round 3 - Steele Starren (Tahoma) 11-2 won by decision over Clayton Brush (Lake Stevens) 2-2 (Dec 8-1)

• Cons. Round 4 - Bridger Wenzel (Polson) 15-5 won by decision over Steele Starren (Tahoma) 11-2 (Dec 2-0)


Cameron Hanson (9-5) place is unknown and scored 8.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Cameron Hanson (Tahoma) 9-5 won by major decision over Jared Rodarte (White River) 6-3 (MD 9-1)

• Champ. Round 2 - Cameron Hanson (Tahoma) 9-5 won by fall over Rece Quintana (Kamiakin) 4-5 (Fall 3:03)

• Champ. Round 3 - Alexander Cruz (Orting) 13-0 won by fall over Cameron Hanson (Tahoma) 9-5 (Fall 1:07)

• Cons. Round 4 - Cameron Hanson (Tahoma) 9-5 won in sudden victory - 1 over Garrett Ashby (Coeur d`Alene High School) 6-4 (SV-1 4-2)

• Cons. Round 5 - Kaden Mackowiak (Jenkins High School (Chewelah)) 9-4 won by decision over Cameron Hanson (Tahoma) 9-5 (Dec 4-3)


Michael Palandri (0-2) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Porter Howard (Lake City High School) 6-8 won by fall over Michael Palandri (Tahoma) 0-2 (Fall 1:56)

• Cons. Round 1 - Michael Palandri (Tahoma) 0-2 received a bye () (Bye)

• Cons. Round 2 - Kevin Cornejo (Kamiakin) 5-4 won by fall over Michael Palandri (Tahoma) 0-2 (Fall 1:21)


Jacob Vanderwaal (7-7) place is unknown and scored 2.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Jacob Vanderwaal (Tahoma) 7-7 won by decision over Karter Leifsen (Camas) 1-2 (Dec 1-0)

• Champ. Round 2 - Luke Joy (Sentinel) 9-5 won by decision over Jacob Vanderwaal (Tahoma) 7-7 (Dec 5-0)

• Cons. Round 2 - Nolan Doloughan (Freeman) 8-6 won by decision over Jacob Vanderwaal (Tahoma) 7-7 (Dec 8-2)


Jake Bir (10-3) place is unknown and scored 6.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Jake Bir (Tahoma) 10-3 won by fall over Jimmy Howells (Shadle Park) 8-7 (Fall 3:00)

• Champ. Round 2 - Cameron Crawford (Mead) 15-3 won by decision over Jake Bir (Tahoma) 10-3 (Dec 5-1)

• Cons. Round 2 - Jake Bir (Tahoma) 10-3 won by decision over Lorenzo Myrick (Royal) 0-2 (Dec 5-1)

• Cons. Round 3 - Jake Bir (Tahoma) 10-3 won by decision over Weston Dean (Deer Park) 2-2 (Dec 3-1)

• Cons. Round 4 - Josh Walker (Bethel) 13-4 won by fall over Jake Bir (Tahoma) 10-3 (Fall 1:42)


Gunner Starren (17-3) placed 4th and scored 25.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Gunner Starren (Tahoma) 17-3 won by fall over Kordell Kinswa (Gonzaga Prep) 0-2 (Fall 0:54)

• Champ. Round 2 - Hunter Cruz (Moses Lake) 10-0 won by major decision over Gunner Starren (Tahoma) 17-3 (MD 11-2)

• Cons. Round 2 - Gunner Starren (Tahoma) 17-3 won by fall over Nahum Dass (Capital) 2-8 (Fall 1:44)

• Cons. Round 3 - Gunner Starren (Tahoma) 17-3 won by major decision over Klayton Hindberg (Coeur d`Alene High School) 2-5 (MD 10-0)

• Cons. Round 4 - Gunner Starren (Tahoma) 17-3 won by fall over Max Hill (Lewiston High School) 1-2 (Fall 3:33)

• Cons. Round 5 - Gunner Starren (Tahoma) 17-3 won by fall over Payton Smith (Hermiston) 2-2 (Fall 1:30)

• Cons. Round 6 - Gunner Starren (Tahoma) 17-3 won by decision over Angelo Loera (Lake Stevens) 8-6 (Dec 7-0)

• Cons. Round 7 - Gunner Starren (Tahoma) 17-3 won by decision over mason dionne (Havre) 18-5 (Dec 5-0)

• Cons. Semi - Gunner Starren (Tahoma) 17-3 won by decision over JOSH JOHNSON (North Central) 10-3 (Dec 5-1)

• 3rd Place Match - Gideon Malychewski (Camas) 15-3 won by decision over Gunner Starren (Tahoma) 17-3 (Dec 7-5)


Max Repenn (5-7) place is unknown and scored 4.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Max Repenn (Tahoma) 5-7 received a bye () (Bye)

• Champ. Round 2 - Nathan Reed (LaGrande) 11-3 won by fall over Max Repenn (Tahoma) 5-7 (Fall 0:55)

• Cons. Round 2 - Max Repenn (Tahoma) 5-7 received a bye () (Bye)

• Cons. Round 3 - Max Repenn (Tahoma) 5-7 won by fall over Jacob Oaks (Auburn Riverside) 9-4 (Fall 1:26)

• Cons. Round 4 - isaac gust (Lake Stevens) 10-5 won by decision over Max Repenn (Tahoma) 5-7 (Dec 3-0)


Spencer Bergsma (1-4) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Spencer Bergsma (Tahoma) 1-4 received a bye () (Bye)

• Champ. Round 2 - Kaden Krouse (Jenkins High School (Chewelah)) 13-4 won by fall over Spencer Bergsma (Tahoma) 1-4 (Fall 1:31)

• Cons. Round 2 - Victor Silva (Chiawana) 5-5 won by fall over Spencer Bergsma (Tahoma) 1-4 (Fall 3:23)


Gage Dress Moran (3-2) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Gage Dress Moran (Tahoma) 3-2 received a bye () (Bye)

• Champ. Round 2 - Dalton Swayze (Okanogan) 4-3 won by decision over Gage Dress Moran (Tahoma) 3-2 (Dec 6-4)

• Cons. Round 2 - Gage Dress Moran (Tahoma) 3-2 received a bye () (Bye)

• Cons. Round 3 - Tanner Stack (Sentinel) 10-5 won by fall over Gage Dress Moran (Tahoma) 3-2 (Fall 2:33)


Kione Gill (12-0) placed 1st and scored 33.50 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Kione Gill (Tahoma) 12-0 won by fall over Grant Engles (Mead) 0-2 (Fall 0:47)

• Champ. Round 2 - Kione Gill (Tahoma) 12-0 won by tech fall over Chris Sparks (Graham-Kapowsin) 12-4 (TF-1.5 5:43 (17-2))

• Quarterfinal - Kione Gill (Tahoma) 12-0 won by fall over Caleb Thomas (University) 10-4 (Fall 3:29)

• Semifinal - Kione Gill (Tahoma) 12-0 won by fall over Adam Wallace (Moscow) 10-3 (Fall 0:49)

• 1st Place Match - Kione Gill (Tahoma) 12-0 won by fall over Payton Castro (Moses Lake) 9-2 (Fall 1:57)


Noah Sturgill (7-5) place is unknown and scored 0.00 team points.

• Champ. Round 1 - Alex Paul (Flathead) 17-2 won by fall over Noah Sturgill (Tahoma) 7-5 (Fall 2:30)

• Cons. Round 1 - Dietrik Mueller (Pullman) 13-4 won by decision over Noah Sturgill (Tahoma) 7-5 (Dec 1-0)

Doug Burnham
Big Weekend for the Bears

Tahoma Wrestling had a great weekend of competition. With three teams competing in thre different locations, we got a lot of wrestling in. The varsity did a great job at the Olympic Duals going three and one on the day. We opened with a win over Bremerton High School and then knocked off AC Davis High School of Yakima. In the semifinals we wrestled the number one team in  3A team.  Kelso came out on top with a tight 40-30 win. Our boys competed great and but we were wrestling up a weight class from 160-195 in order to cover a gap in our line up due to injury. One of the exciting matches of the day came at 126 where Austin Michalski took on the number 1 3A 126lb wrestler and got a takedown in overtime to secure the win! We rolled right into the 3rd place match against another thought team form Yelm. The Tornados are ranked #2 in 3A this year and we got to see why. We won a tight dual 33-31 behind the strength of three pins by Gunner Starren, Kione Gill and Noah Sturgill. Noah has been on a mission this season and has pinned 5 of his last 6 opponents! Currently Gunner Starren leads the team with 6 pins and Steal Starren is out front with the most wins at 11-0!

The JV also had a great weekend. The JV team that went to the Larry Brown Classic ( varsity level tournament) in Fife and took 10th out of 16 teams and won multiple matches with Devin Martin, Rylan Korpi, Dan Reeves, Spencer Bergsma all placing 5th! Additionally, our Gold team stayed home for JV Duals and every wrestlers that attended got to wrestle at least one match.

Next up for the team is the Kennedy HS dual at Kenndedy this coming Wednesday 12/13 and then a select group with head to Idaho on Thursday for Tri State. Our 2nd team will attend the Barry Knot Classic at Nathan Hale High School.

Go Bears!



Doug Burnham
Bears over KM 71-3

The Tahoma Bears won the first ever home dual in our new high school in front of an electric wrestling crowd! Tonight was Junior Bears night, an awesome night to celebrate our 12 year old Junior Bears who got to take the mat prior to the dual to show off their skills. After the match, Junior Bear fans were able to get signed copies of this years team poster. Thank you to all of our fans that come out and support us.





106 Swank, Braden (Tahoma High School) defeated Xayasay, Travis (Kent Meridian) === {Maj Dec 16-4} (Score: 4-0) 113 Boynton, Parker (Tahoma High School) defeated Ayers, Jasper (Kent Meridian) === {Fall 3:57} (Score: 10-0) 120 Enciso, Adrian (Tahoma High School) defeated Lucatero, Alexis (Kent Meridian) === {Fall 4:16} (Score: 16-0) 126 Michalski, Austin (Tahoma High School) defeated Purdy, Dre`shawn (Kent Meridian) === {Tech Fall 20-4} (Score: 21-0) 132 Starren, Steele (Tahoma High School) defeated Son, Sohkan (Kent Meridian) === {Fall 0:58} (Score: 27-0) 138 Hanson, Cameron (Tahoma High School) defeated Nguyed, Bryan (Kent Meridian) === {Fall 1:06} (Score: 33-0) 145 Carlton, Reid (Tahoma High School) defeated Teixeira, Rodrigo (Kent Meridian) === {Tech Fall 16-1} (Score: 38-0) 152 Long, Alex (Kent Meridian) defeated Vanderwaal, Jacob (Tahoma High School) === {Dec 10 - 9} (Score: 38-3) 160 Starren, Gunner (Tahoma High School) defeated Bennett-jones, Nate (Kent Meridian) === {Fall 0:55} (Score: 44-3) 170 Bir, Jake (Tahoma High School) defeated Forfeit (Kent Meridian) === {Forfeit} (Score: 50-3) 182 Repenn, Max (Tahoma High School) defeated Forfeit (Kent Meridian) === {Forfeit} (Score: 56-3) 195 Dress Moran, Gage (Tahoma High School) defeated Garcia, Kenny (Kent Meridian) === {Maj Dec 19-6} (Score: 60-3) 220 Gill, Kione (Tahoma High School) defeated Hernandez, Daniel (Kent Meridian) === {Tech Fall 16-1} (Score: 65-3) 285 Sturgill, Noah (Tahoma High School) defeated Maceda, Jose (Kent Meridian) === {Fall 2:59} (Score: 71-3) 

Doug Burnham
Bears come away with two early season wins

Last night, the Bears competed in two early season non-league duals against last year’s 3A State Champions, Bonney Lake and perennial wrestling powerhouse Lake Stevens. The night started off with the Bears dismantling the Panthers of Bonney Lake. The Bears won 11 of 14 matches, pinning the majority of their opponents. The best match up of the night happened at 220 pounds, where two returning State Champions faced off. Tahoma’s Kione Gill took care of Bonney Lakes returning champion with a major decision. In the more exciting dual of the night, Tahoma won over Lake Stevens by a score of 32-30. The outcome of the dual all hinged on the final match of the night at 160 pounds between Gunner Starren and Lake Stevens wrestler. There was no doubt from the get go of the match that Tahoma would end up winning the dual. Gunner won easily with a major decision 11-0. The Bears will compete again tonight in their first league dual and first dual ever in the new high school. Tonight is Junior Bears night! Wrestlers from the Junior Bears will be putting on a show of their own prior to our match tonight. We look forward to packing the house with Bear fans! #GoBears

Doug Burnham
Bears get off to a solid start at the Auburn Invite

The Bears had their first official outing this Saturday competing at the Auburn Invite. This is a great opening tournament for our team as we see some tough competition right from the start. The number one ranked team in the state, South Kitsap was in attendance along with some other solid teams like Auburn Riverside. This type of tournament gives everyone on our team some tough matches at their ability level. Seven Bears made it to the finals of the tournament and the Bears were able to come away with four champions. Austin Michalski (126), Steele Starren (132) Reid Carlton (145) and Gunner Starren (160) all came away first place ribbons while Cameron Hanson (138), Jake Bir (170) and Michael Gasper (195) all took second place. 

The Bears have some big upcoming matches this week. On Wednesday, December 6th, the Bears will take on Lake Stevens and Bonney Lake at White River High School. On December 7th, the Bears will hold their first home dual of the year! The first home dual is Junior Bears Night! We cant wait to see all of the Junior Bears in attendance! Our varsity will signing posters after the dual. #GoBears

Auburn Invite.jpg
Doug Burnham
Brand New Building for Tahoma High School- Same Old Tough Bears

The Tahoma Bears are coming off a strong 2017 postseason performance and a great summer.  The returning 4A State Champions are eager to kickoff the 2017 -2018 wrestling season. The Bears are looking for some big performances this season from their lighter weight underclassmen. There is going to be a bit of a dog fight for the starting spot at 106 and 113 and the coaching staff is excited to see which wrestlers step up and take the spot. Freshman Parker Boynton made an impact for the team this past summer at several of the tournaments on the Bear’s Summer tour and looks to challenge retuning 106 starter Brayden Swank for the spot this year. Both Brayden and P{arker made huge improvements this offseason and will make a nice one-two punch at the fly weight for the Bears. At 113 pounds, another spot up for grabs in the Bears lineup with  Devan Martin and Adrian Enciso will be battling it out. Freshman Steele Starren will most likely hold down the 120 pound slot for the Bears and has set high goals for himself and the team this season. Though only a freshman, Steele is a veteran of the mat and used to big time competition hoping to be in the mix for a state title this year. At 126 pounds, the Bears return two-time placer and returning state finalist Austin Michalski. Austin is coming of a 2nd place finish last year and took 3rd place as a freshman. Austin is explosive on his feet and tough on top; he will look to continue to improve in the postseason and wants to move over one step up on the podium as he makes a run at his first state title. Another veteran for the Bears, Cameron Hansen will be at 132 pounds.  His goal as a senior will be to  look to improve from his 7th place finish in 2017. Cameron is one of the most aggressive and well conditioned Bears on the squad and he looks to take his “grind em out” attitude to a top finish this season. The middle weights will be filled with an experienced returning group. At 138, junior Jacob “Butters” Vanderwaal will look to step into the varsity lineup as a consistent starter this year after being the bears utility middleweight last year. Jacob was a regional participant last season and looks to be an impacting contributor coming into his junior season. At 145-152 pounds the Bears have three seniors all with state experience. Reid Carlton is tough on his feet and even tougher on top. Reid and several of the other Bears have joined the cross country team this fall and  are looking to an even faster start to the wrestling season than usual. Both Gunner Starren and Ethan Vaughan will be battling it out for the starting slot at 152 pounds this year and will push each other to be at their best come post season. At 160, junior Spencer Bergsma will look to lock down the 160 pound varsity role for the Bears this year season. Spencer has been wrestling for the since he was an elementary aged student with the Maple Valley Junior Wrestling program and has tools and experience to be an impact contributor this year. At 170 pounds, the Bears have returning state participant Jake Bir. Jake has been in the varsity line up since his freshman year and is poised to have a breakout season for the bears come this postseason. At 182 pounds, the Bears look to have junior Max Repenn lead the charge. Max was a starter for the Bears as a freshman but missed his sophomore season due to a season ending football injury. Healthy, strong and explosive as ever, Max has pinning potential at any point in the match and his aggressive style makes for exciting wrestling to watch. The three heavy slots are anchored by some experienced big boys. Junior Gage Dress-Moran looks to improve on his regional championship and state finish last year. At 6-4, Gage is a difficult match up at times for others and has an arsenal of high flying throws that make his matches fun for the crowd to watch. At 220, Senior and returning State Champion Kione Gill returns in pursuit of his second state title. Gill is slick on his feet for a big man and punishing on top, pinning his way through the postseason last year. The heavyweight spot is filled by big man Noah Sturgill. Noah is coming of a solid 2017 season as the Bears heavyweight. Noah is one of the Bears hardest workers and looks to finish out his senior year as one of the top heavyweights in the state this year.


Notable bears to watch: Andrew Enciso, Michael Gasper, Michael Palandri


106 Brayden Swank 10th / Parker Boynton 9th

113 Devan Martin 10th / Adrian Enciso 9th

120 Steele Starren 9th

126 Austin Michalski 11th 2nd state

132 Cameron Hansen 12th 7th state

138 Jacob Vanderwal 11th

145 Reid Carlton 12th state participant

152 Gunner Starren 12th state participant /  Ethan Vaughan 12th state participant

160 Spencer Bergsma 11th

170 Jake Bir 12th state participant

182 Maximus Repenn 11th

195 Gage Dress-Moran 11th state participant

220 Kione Gill 12th state champion

285 Noah Sturgill 12th


Chris Feist
Bears win at OSU Team Camp

The Tahoma Bears traveled to Oregon State University last weekend to compete in the OSU Northwest Duals. Teams from Washington, Oregon and Idaho all competed in multiple duals, as well as a takedown and individual tournament. The Bears won the tournament going 9-1 overall. The Bears walked through defending 3A State Champions, Bonney Lake. The Bears were expecting more of a fight, but our conditioning and technique was too much for the Panthers this time around. Another big win for the Bears was over University of Spokane. Tahoma won every close match with two overtime victories sealing the win for the Bears. Tahoma's only loss of the tournament came from Crook County, Oregon, a very solid well coached team who have won multiple state championships in Oregon. We were able to avenge the loss after moving out of pools into a bracketed team tournament. 

We love what the OSU Team Camp does for our team. It allows our team to work hand-and-hand with Division 1 Athletes and Coaches. Each night, or team holds a "Champions Practice." We hold the practice late into the night and were lucky enough to have multiple members of Oregon State's wrestling team join us for the practice as well as past OSU All-American Michael Mangrum.

The Bears will next compete this coming weekend in Illwaco, Washington. There will be more great teams and opportunity to improve. Our hope is to get our wrestlers upward of 40 matches this month. Thanks to our booster club for their support of these camps and for everything they do for us. #GoBears   

Doug Burnham