Support Highline Wrestling

With the recent elimination of Boise State's wrestling program, there is no better time to help support our last NJCAA team in Washington State. Highline College Wrestling needs our local fan financial and fan support going into the coming season. Many Tahoma Bears have wrestled for Highline College, most recently Coach and Tahoma State Placer, Edwin Torres, Tahoma State Placer Justin Weiding and State Placer Zack Novak. However there has been a long line of Bears competing for Highline including former State Champion Jens Pulver. 

Highline gets just $6,000 a year to recruit and help pay for tuition of the wrestlers on the team. This is not enough to field a high quality competitiveteam and they need our help.

Bear Claw and Toro Wrestling clubs are working together to try and help Highline fundraise for the coming season. There is an anonymous donor that is willing to match the money dollar for dollar raised up to $12,000. This could mean $24,000 to help the Highline program with recruiting. We have currently raised $1764, but have a ways to go in order to reach our goal. 

If you are interested in keeping wrestling alive and helping it grow in Washington State, this is a great way to give your support. Every little bit helps and your money is basically doubled if you're willing to donate because of the donors matching dollars. Please use the link below if you would like to contribute. If you are unable to contribute financially, find a way to get to a dual next season to support our local wrestlers. #TeamWA

Doug Burnham