Bears Hit The Weightroom

One of our team’s main goals this off season was to identify and initiate an effective strength training program. We have decided to partner with Volt Athletics and have registered our team for the wrestling specific strength training program. Our athletes are now able to access their off season workouts via a smart phone or computer. All of our athletes have received an invitation for the online training platform via their school email and several of our wrestlers have already maxed out and begun accessing their workouts. The goal of the program is to get three strength workouts per week. One of bonus features to this program is that the team can workout anywhere they want and still follow each other online to see what gains their teammates are making. We are looking forward to seeing the gains that our boys make over the summer. Tahoma Wrestlers, make sure to check your Go Tahoma email and log-in to the Volt training program.

The weight room at Tahoma High School is open Monday thru Thursday form 3-5pm until school is out. Wrestlers that need to record their 3-rep max numbers need to contact Coach Burnham or Coach Feist to set up at time. 

Doug Burnham